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Blister Packaging


The clear plastic thermoformed blister packaging is most often combined with a printed card which has a heat-seal coating so the plastic blister can adhere to the card. Sometimes foil, plastic or laminated materials are bonded to the pre-formed blister in place of the printed card.


When a blister pack is tampered with, it is obvious, thus the blister package is a very popular style when a product must remain secure for the end user.

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One carton does not fit all. And unique, smart packaging is one more way to distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace. Whatever your packaging challenges are, we can help you solve for them.

We work with brand teams from around the world to create specialized folding cartons for a widevariety of product categories and markets.


Plastic blisters sits between the front and back of the header card. A sealing process is required to secure the blister package. A popular choice for high value products that need to prevent against pilfering.

Trapped blister packaging combines some of the best qualities of clamshells and blisters to create a solution with a lot of space for graphics while still featuring a clear window to display the product.  This hybrid package features a thermoformed blister sealed between two cards making it ideal for heavier or bulkier items.

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